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Our latest E-cookbook

We'd like to introduce the second issue to our E-cookbook series. Our recipes in this issue will primarily focus on delicious seafood dishes. We will also be featuring the Garlic Parmesan Shrimp, which is one of our most popular dishes.

If you are curious as to how black-owned small businesses, like ours, were affected by the pandemic this is a perfect read. Learn simple recipes that anyone can prepare in just 15 -20 mins! We guarantee it!


Catering & Events


Here at Swelleats we love to share magical moments with our clients. We do all events such as (private dining, baby showers, weddings etc.) Our chefs are alumni of the Institution of Culinary education. We specialize in savory, pastry, and plant-based dining. For more information please contact us!

Rasta Seasoning

Our new spice 

Swelleats "Rasta" seasoning is the next new spice to transform the culinary world. There has yet to be a seasoning specifically made for the Rasta Pasta dish. We are here to make every chef's life easier and cut expenses. Here at Swelleats we use this seasoning for all of our Jerk dishes! That is correct we use our Rasta seasoning to Jerk: salmon, chicken, shrimp, and anything else that can use some flare.


"Success is consistently reinventing yourself"

We are constantly perfecting our products. We want your experience to always be our very best to date.

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